In 1978, the NAPS Executive Board established the Supervisors Political Action Committee (SPAC) as the legislative fundraising arm of the organization. Since then, SPAC has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to aid political candidates who support the organization's issues. Only NAPS regular, associate or auxiliary members are eligible to donate to SPAC.

Instructions on How to Authorize a Biweekly Payroll Allotment to SPAC

To authorize your allotment online, you will need your USPS employee ID number and PIN; if you do not know your PIN, you will be able to obtain it at Step 3 below.

1)  Go to https://liteblue.usps.gov to access PostalEASE.
2)  Under Employee App-Quick Links, choose PostalEASE.
3)  Click on "I agree."
4)  Enter your employee ID number and password.
5)  Click on "Allotments/Payroll NTB."
6)  Click on "Continue."
7)  Click on" Allotments."
8)  Enter Bank Routing Number (from worksheet below), enter account number (see worksheet),
     enter account from drop-down menu as "checking" and enter the amount of your contribution.
9)  Click "Validate," then "Submit." Print a copy for your records.