2024 Legislative Training Seminar Registration

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Register below for the 2024 Legislative Training Seminar. Enter the appropriate quantity (number of attendees) that you wish to pay for in the "Qty" box. Click "Add." Next, click "Checkout." Verify that the correct quantity and payment amount is listed. Click "Checkout" again. Enter the applicable registrant information for each person that is being registered. 

Each field that is listed with a red asterisk* is required and must be filled in for registration to process correctly. IMPORTANT: You must use a unique email address for each registrant for the "Attendee's Email" field. This has to do with our new electronic check-in process. If you provide a duplicate email address, your registration will not process properly. You may repeat the "Branch Email Address" as many times as you like if your branch would like a copy of the receipt. 

Fill in credit card information as it is listed on the credit card. If your credit card has a branch name or other title, split the branch name or title between the “first name” and “last name” fields. Enter the billing address for the credit card and click submit. You should end up at a “Thank You” page. You should receive a confirmation receipt email to the email address you provided; if you do not see it, please check your spam folder. If you still have not received one after 24 hours, please email napshq@naps.org to request a copy of your receipt.

Note: If you are receive an error message, correct the highlighted section. If you continue receiving it, do not attempt more than 3 times in a one-hour period or your IP Address may be blocked by anti-spam filters. Please wait one hour and try again.

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