National Auxiliary

Patricia Jackson-Kelley

NAPS National Auxiliary President


NAPS National Auxiliary Officers

2016 - 2018 Term

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Dear NAPS Member,

The National Auxiliary was organized September 20, 1933 to assist the National Association of Postal Supervisors (NAPS) in their legislative objectives as well as promote a greater interest in the association and auxiliary work.  Auxiliary members communicate with Congressional Representatives and Senators conveying NAPS’ position on Postal Service legislation and support and promote the Supervisors Political Action Committee. In addition, Auxiliary members assist at local meetings, state conventions, training seminars and national conventions.

You as a NAPS member are the Auxiliary’s main resource.  All local and state auxiliaries need members to continue to speak not only on your behalf but for the benefit of all postal supervisors, managers, and postmasters.  The continued growth of the Auxiliary is dependent upon the continued growth of NAPS.  We need you in order to continue this much needed and valuable support.  Each active or associate NAPS member who is a member in good standing in NAPS is entitled to one Auxiliary member who may be a spouse or immediate family member (over sixteen years of age) or designated representative (over sixteen years of age).  I encourage you to urge your spouse, family member (over sixteen years of age) or designated representative (over sixteen years of age) to join this group of committed, dedicated individuals.  They will make friendships that last a lifetime.

NAPS and the Auxiliary have fought for many of the benefits postal supervisors now enjoy.  The present sick leave, vacation, retirement and widow(er) annuity, group life insurance, health insurance and other benefits enjoyed today were made possible through this joint effort.   NAPS and the Auxiliary have always worked together for the benefit of all NAPS members.  Continual vigilance will always be necessary to insure that these benefits are retained.

The Auxiliary is an organization whose main goal is to assist NAPS members in any way possible.  For information on how your spouse or immediate family member (over 16 years of age) or designated representative (over 16 years of age) may become a part of this special group, please contact Patricia Jackson-Kelley by phone (818) 472-0409 or email

On behalf of the National Auxiliary, I would like to thank you for your continuous support and always being an enthusiastic contributor for all Auxiliary fundraising activities.


                                                                                Patricia Jackson-Kelley
                                                                                National Auxiliary President