Local NAPS Branches

NAPS Branches

The National Association of Postal Supervisors (NAPS) has more than 280 branches across the country as well as in U.S. territories. These branches serve as the first line of communication for NAPS members and assist members in workplace representation matters such as letters of warning and suspensions in lieu of seven and fourteen days. Branches also assist members with involuntary reassignment, hostile work environment and pay issues.  NAPS branches are unique in that they have autonomy from NAPS Headquarters and are able to schedule their own branch meetings, elect their own officers and determine their local branch dues amount. Local branches also work in tandem with State Branches to organize state conventions and play a vital role in the proceedings at the biennial national convention.

NAPS members are automatically affiliated with a local NAPS branch according to their respective Postal employee finance number. Members wanting to request an exception or transfer of branch affiliation should contact their area vice president. According to the NAPS constitution and bylaws, NAPS Headquarters cannot manually change a member's branch affiliation without the permission of the member's area vice president.  For more information, please contact your local branch officer, your area vice president or NAPS Membership Coordinator Jovan Duncan.

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