NAPS/USPS Initiate SWCs Work Study

March 03, 2017

A historic SWCs event took place at the Flushing P&DC on Thursday March 2, 2017.  NAPS and the USPS had a kick off meeting for SWCs pilot sites that will conduct a work study of supervisory daily duties.  Supervisors in post offices, branches and stations working at six sites in each of the Westchester, Connecticut Valley, Long Island, Triboro, New York and Northern New Jersey Districts will be conducting an actual work study by documenting each one of their daily duties and the time taken to complete.  The District Managers, support staff and supervisors from each site participated in the kick off.  The study is scheduled to commence on March 18, 2017 and last for the next six months.

In the photo from left to right are Elvin Mercado Triboro District Manager, Steve Hernandez Northern New Jersey District Manager, Tommy Roma NAPS Northeast Regional V.P., Ed Phelan Northeast Area V.P. and Jim Warden NAPS New York Area V.P.