NAPS opposes measures in FY 16 Budget Resolution that harm active and retired Postal Employees.

March 25, 2015

This afternoon, NAPS sent out a letter from President Louis Atkins to over 1100 staffers within the House of Representatives urging their boss to vote “no” on the FY 16 Budget Resolution currently being considered on the floor of the House. This measure, while non-binding, opens the door for the Congress to place a large chunk of the burden of addressing our ongoing national fiscal challenges directly on the back of Federal and Postal Employees, both active and retired. This would be achieved by generating over $300 Billion in savings through mandating higher employee retirement contributions and raising the cost of health insurance.

In addition, this measure would change the rate of return for the TSP’s G Fund, the most popular TSP saving option.

To view the content of President Atkins' letter, click here 

To view the Federal Postal Coalition Letter opposing the Budget Resolution (which NAPS is a signatory) click here