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The NAPS Legislative Training Seminar (LTS) is held every spring in the Washington DC metropolitan area. The purpose of the seminar is twofold: 

  • Educate our members on the political process and the legislative issues facing the United States Postal Service
  • To translate this curriculum into successful meetings with lawmakers and their staff on Capitol Hill. 


Over 500 retired and active postal managers, postmasters and supervisors attend this event anually. Our delegates are addressed by members of the United States Senate and House of Representatives and executives of the United States Postal Service. 

The USPS continues to be held in the highest regard by the American public. In addition, new partnerships with some of America’s most prominent retailers are creating promising new streams of revenue for the Postal Service. However, until our legislators remove the regulatory hurdles which are holding back the Postal Service, the growth potential from these new business lines cannot be realized. It is up to us as advocates for a strong, vibrant Universal Delivery System, to accurately paint this picture for the Congress.

If you have any questions about LTS events, please contact Katie Maddocks at naps.km@naps.org.


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Future Seminars:

Year Date Location Hotel Rate
2018 March 11-14 Marriott Crystal Gateway-Arlington, VA $270-Single/Double/Jr. Suite
2019 March 10-13 Marriott Crystal Gateway-Arlington, VA $270-Single/Double/Jr. Suite
2020 March 8-11 Marriott Crystal Gateway-Arlington, VA $275-Single/Double/Jr. Suite